Thursday, May 28, 2009

NEW Soul Assassins - Classical

Featuring Evidence & Sick Jacken. Produced by Alchemist. New Soul Assassin's album Intermission drops 6-23 on Gold Dust. for more info on that.

NEW Brother Ali - Good Lord

Good Lord off of his latest EP, The Truth Is Here. You can download the album here. Brother Ali - The Truth Is Here

NEW Ya Boy Mixtape - Rockstar Music

New Ya Boy mixtape, Rockstar Music. Ya Boy - Rockstar Music
01 Untouchable 16 (Intro)
02 We Run LA (Feat. Dr. Hollywood)
03 Superstars (Feat. E-40, Glasses Malone, Kurupt)
04 Fuck Bitches, Get Money
05 So Mean (Feat. T-Pain)
06 Fresh 2 Death
07 Who Am I To Say (Feat. Hope)
08 Rock On
09 Showboat (Remix) (Feat. Glasses Malone, Matt Blaque)
10 I Got Money
11 Boarding Pass (Remix) (Feat. Mistah FAB, Wiz Khalifa)
12 Let Me In
13 All My Life (Remix) (Feat. Jay Rock, The Game, Lil Wayne, Glasses Malone, Busta Rhymes, Gorilla Zoe)
14 Mad At Us (Feat. Jae Millz,
15 What's Jerkin
Good Squad)
16 I Am Legend (Feat. Juice)
17 Blame It (Remix) (Feat. Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Jamie Foxx)
18 Precise Gang (Feat. Young Faze, Cik Money, Roscoe, Rio Banga, Laps)

NEW Lupe Fiasco Mixtape - Infinite Playlist Pt. 1

Brand new Lupe Fiasco Mixtape called Infinite Playlist Pt. 1. I'm guessin there's gunna be a few of these. Here's the link. Lupe Fiasco - Infinite Playlist Pt. 1
1.Put You On Game
2.Spazz Out
3.Mean & Vicious
5.Us Placers
7.The Instrumental
8.Mass Appeal Flow
9.Hip Hop Saved My Life
10.The Commercial
11.DJ Southern's Finest Drop
14.Hustlers & Customers
15.Heat Under The Baby Seat
16.Little Weapon
17.Streets On Fire
18.Pen & The Needles
19.After All
20.Hurt Me Soul
21.American Terrorist
22.U Don't Know
23.Boss Playa
24.Kick, Push
25.Paris, Tokyo
26.The Coolest
27.Go Go Gadget Flow

NEW Maleko in collaboration with Cisco Systems

Your boy Maleko comin hard with a Cisco Systems commercial.