Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NEW Interview with Raekwon on Only Built For Cuban Linx II

The wait is nearly over. After four years of work, and fourteen years of fan anticipation, the Chef has finally confirmed an August 11 release date for Only Built for Cuban Linx II (EMI). The journey was not without much adversity. Two high-profile executive producers, Busta Rhymes and Dr.Dre, dropped out for still undisclosed reasons. And with Dre’s departure, it also marked the loss of Aftermath’s strong label support. But Raekwon persevered, and found success brokering a joint venture between his own Ice Water Records and EMI.

Now, judgment day will soon be upon us. Will Raekwon be able to capture the essence of his 1995 masterpiece, or will fans be treated to another respectable, but ultimately disappointing solo offering from the Chef? Full Story