Monday, February 16, 2009

NEW Zion I - The Takeover...drops tomorrow

but not for know how it works you can get it right here today! If you like the album please buy it, support your local artists! Zion I - The Takeover

1. The Taking
2. Geek To The Beat
3. Take Over
4. DJ DJ
5. Antenna
6. Caged Bird Part 1 Featuring Brother Ali
7. In The Mornin' ( Caged Bird Part 2)
8. Radio
9. Gumbo
10. Country Baked Yams Featuring Devin The Dude
11. Coastin' Featuring K.Flay
12. Juicy Juice
13. Peppermint Patty
14. Bring in the Light
15. Legacy Featuring Ty and Jennifer Johns

NEW Braille and Symbolic 1 - Cloud Nineteen...comes out March 3rd

Brand new Braille and Symbolic 1 album, not even out yet...except for right here. Check it out! Braile and S1 - Cloud Nineteen

01. Sky Dive Intro
02. Its Nineteen
03. For Life
04. Broken Heart
05. Thats My Word
06. Fill It In
07. Skepticold
08. Heart of God
09. Found Her
10. From The Pulpit
11. Megaphone
12. Work That Way
13. Hardrock
14. Stay Together
15. Parachutes and Ladders
16. Frankenstein (Bonus)

NEW! Black Milk ft. Royce Da 5'9" - Losing Out

New video from Black Milk's album Tronic, in stores now. Filmed inside Detroit's abandoned downtown train station.

Brand New! Royce Da 5'9" - Part of Me

Music video just dropped today, 2nd single from his upcoming album Street's a little disturbing beware.