Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Coup - We Are The Ones

Some of the dopest dope I've ever smoked. Also check out Fat Cats and Bigga Fish and pretty much every other song by The Coup.

Police use Wii to create Wanted Poster
"Police use Wii to create wanted poster
Posted by Chris Matyszczyk

How closely does your Mii resemble the real you?

I ask only because it seems that police in Japan decided to dispense with the services of a sketch artist--who knows, perhaps he was too temperamental--and used a Wii to create their own impression of a man they wanted to question.

The Mii feature on Wii allows you to create your own avatarish persona on games such as Wii Sports. So the wise policemen in the Kanegawa prefecture apparently decided they could swiftly create a Mii of a man who may have been involved in a hit-and-run road accident.

Now this one, found totally at random, is innocent, right?

There is no word whether the residents of Kanegawa are rushing around their neighborhoods brandishing this supposed likeness of a young man with long brown hair, glasses, and Heidi Klum's cheekbones.

And there is no word that this avatar has been re-created on many thousands of Kanegawa Wiis and is trouncing untold numbers of Roger Federer lookalikes.

But it's lovely to think that such frivolous games are now being used in the serious cause of truth and justice on the Miin Streets of Kanegawa. "